House Grass Seed Mixes

Wetland Pasture Mix

Tall Fescue    40%
Garrison Creeping Foxtail    10%
Western Wheatgrass    5%
Tufted Hairgrass    5%
Slender Wheatgrass    30%
Alsike Clover    10%

This mix produces on moist sites and riparian areas where salinity or alkalinity may be a problem.
Drill seed  12-15#/acre
Broadcast seed  25-30#/acre

Fairfield Mix 

Orchardgrass    40%
Tall Fescue    20%
Smooth Brome    20%
Alsike Clover    10%
Climax Timothy    10%

This  is an excellent, economical pasture mix for irrigated or high rainfall sites.
Drill seed  8-12#/acre
Broadcast seed  20-25#/acre

Top Producer Mix

Meadow Brome    40%
Tall Fescue    20%
Orchardgrass    30%
Alfalfa    7%
Alsike Clover    3%

This is an excellent pasture mix for top production under irrigation
Drill seed 8-12#/acre
Broadcast seed  20-25#/acre

Horse Pasture Mix

Orchardgrass    25%
Tall Fescue    25%
Timothy    20%
Smooth Brome    20%
Alfalfa    10%

This is an excellent irrigated pasture mix for horses
Drill seed  8-12#/acre
Broadcast seed  16-20#/acre

LawnDry Mix

Sheep Fescue    33%
Canada Bluegrass    33%
Hard Fescue    33%

This is a low maintenance dry lawn or ground cover mix
Drill seed 20-30#/acre
Broadcast seed  50-60#/acre

Native Mix

Slender Wheatgrass    25%
Western Wheatgrass    10%
Thickspike Wheatgrass    10%
Mountain Brome    13%
Nevada Bluegrass    15%
Bluebunch/Snake River Wheatgrass    25%
Blue Flax    2%

This mix duplicates many of the native species found in the foothills of our region
Drill seed  8-10#/acre
Broadcast seed 16-20#/acre

ABC Lawn Mix

Kentucky Bluegrass    60%
Perennial Ryegrass    25%
Creeping Red Fescue    15%

This is a hardy lawn blend for our climate
Drill seed 4-5#/1000sq. ft.
Broadcast seed 8-10#/1000sq. ft.

Rough Mix

Durar Hard Fescue    35%
Turf-Type Tall Fescue    15%
Canada Bluegrass    15%
Sheep Fescue    35%

This is a vigorous, competitive, low maintenance mix for areas around the perimeters of lawns or developed areas .
Drill seed 10-15#/acre
Broadcast seed 20-30#/acre

Dryland Mix

Paiute Orchardgrass    10%
Crested Wheatgrass    15%
Intermediate Wheatgrass    35%
Pubescent Wheatgrass    35%
Alfalfa    5%

This is an economical, hardy mix for dryland pasture.
Drill seed 8-10#/acre
Broadcast Seed 15-20#/acre

Game Bird Annual Food Plot Mix

Proso Millet    20%
Corn/Sorghum    20%
Oilseed Sunflower    15%
Spring Wheat    20%
Barley    25%

This blend is for food plots for pheasants, waterfowl, and other wildlife
Drill seed 40#/acre
Broadcast seed 80#/acre

Deer/Elk Perennial Food Plot Mix

Alfalfa    14%
Small Burnet    14%
Alsike Clover    14%
Birdsfoot Trefoil    14%
Sainfoin    30%
Cicer Milkvetch    14%

This mix provides excellent feed for deer and elk. It is designed to fit a wide range of soil types and conditions.
Drill or Broadcast seed at 20#/acre